Savannah Baptist Temple has been sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and connecting with the Coastal Empire for over three decades. Over time the Lord has grown Savannah Baptist Temple into a stable growing community of diverse Believers. Thousands of lives have entered into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ through their personal experience of salvation. Many have found a home and family here at Savannah Baptist Temple.  The Lord continues to work in the life of this special fellowship; He is increasing the vision for this local community of believers and increases their desire to do more for global evangelism. Savannah Baptist Temple’s passion is to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul, mind and to love others. You are invited to experience the ongoing story of Savannah Baptist Temple, a community of believers who dare to trust God for great things.
A Place where…
God is seen
Love is felt,
And lives are changed!
Our Mission:
The MISSION of the Savannah Baptist Temple is to bring others into harmony with Jesus and His Body, to develop His saints into disciples through the teaching of God’s Word, to equip and empower His saints for their ministry.
Our Priority is Worship
(Making Much of Jesus)
Our Passion is Others
(Loving Others to Jesus)
Our Philosophy is Discipleship
(Growing People for Jesus)
Our Power is found in Prayer
(Making His House a House of Prayer)
Our Vision:
To allow our Lord, Jesus Christ, to develop Savannah Baptist Temple into a Great Church, that will impact the lives of others.
G – row through evangelism
R – eproduce through discipleship
E – quip believers for the work of the ministry
A – ssimilate new members into the local                         church
T – each and proclaim God’s Word in a relevant             way
Our Core Values:
  • Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of all people. He should be loved with all our heart, soul and      might. Loving Jesus is priority one.
  • Others, to express and demonstrate the love of Christ to all people.
  • Worship, Jesus Christ in spirit and truth through the means of authentic worship.
  • The Bible is God’s revelation to all people, a guide for belief and practice, the Christian’s final                authority. The Bible possesses the life- changing message of the love of God. It should be studied            and applied to our lives.
  • Prayer is the engine that runs the church. Nothing of any eternal value is accomplished outside of        prayer. Prayer should always be the first thing of the church – the House of Prayer.
  • Relationships that are based on authentic Christian love that offer acceptance, affirmation and              accountability.
  • Outreach is the first part of the Great Commission given by Christ to His disciples – it is the                      mission of the church to look outward to those who have never come into a life-changing                            relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the process of bridge building to a lost world.
  • Discipleship is the biblical method of maturing the Children of God and growing the local church.
  • World Missions is a part of the outreach of the church where the church enters into a partnership        with foreign missionaries to spread the good news of the love of God around this world by                          prayer and financial support. 
  • Unity and love should characterize the fellowship of the church – knowing that we are most                     effective when in unity, demonstrating our love one to another.
  • Ministry is what the church does to demonstrate their love for Jesus and Others. Ministry is the by-      product of being equipped biblically and spiritually to serve others through the ministries of the            church.